The Bottom Up Economy


The Bottom Up Economy is a term used to describe the changing economic landscape from an industrial, top-down approach, one where most technological advancements were reserved only for corporations, to one where small business owners and individuals can leverage technology to create efficiencies around their work which was previously unavailable. The term ‘technology’ isn’t limited…
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The Shift From Buying Media To Creating Content

The majority of advertising, even to this day, is done by creating a specific piece of content and then buying media for the content to be distributed on. In a world where behaviors are shifting from watching TV, listening to the radio and looking out the window at billboards during car rides, we’re moving into…
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Do You Possess Network Literacy?

One of the many interesting parts about working with early-stage technology co’s & reading the writings of those in the space is that you often see ideas being worked on far before their time, and way before they’re ready to be adopted by the masses. But, while new products and ventures are exciting, I’ve always…
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How Alan Jones Started & Sold The New Agency


In this post, I interviewed Alan Jones, co-founder of The New Agency (acquired by Blue Chilli). He tells us about how he started and the early days of running a startup agency focused on selling things for both tech startups and corporations looking to become more lean. 1. How and why did you start The…
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Starting an Agency from Scratch


    For the past several months, I’ve been taking on occasional clients through my one-man digital marketing consultancy. While that was a nice experience, I wasn’t really building anything — I didn’t have a system in place, a site, employees, or any greater vision other than servicing a few clients and then moving on…
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Performance-Based Marketing: The Neglected Agency Model

For the past several months, I’ve been taking on client-work by myself. This includes venture-backed startups and small businesses, for the most part. I never intended to make anything ‘real’ out of it; my intentions were largely based around making extra money, taking on additional challenges and expediting the learning curve. Plus, it’s easier for…
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AJ Vaynerchuk: Early Days of VaynerMedia


  AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder at VaynerMedia, a social-media-first agency that he started with his brother, Gary Vaynerchuk. VaynerMedia started in 2009, the day after AJ graduated from BU; since then, they’ve exploded to over 250+ employees. Since I always think these types of stories are often glamorized by the media, and little attention is ever paid…
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Reckless Retargeting

perfect audience

  As digital advertising becomes more accurate, versatile and profitable, there comes an added layer of complexity with additional needs to continually experiment. One of the more interesting forms of advertising which has propped up these past few years is retargeting, or remarketing. Essentially, if you visit a site, read a newsletter or take a…
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How to Invest Your Money and Time When You’re Young


  Investing, both in yourself and financially, is the single most important lesson a person can learn.   It’s also one of the most widely discussed, and therefore debated, topics I can think of. As someone who’s interested in economics, and thinks with reason rather than emotion, I’ve done my best to cut the fluffy…
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